Our History

We are a group of like minded individuals that have come together to offer years of trail and error experience when it comes to working with search engine algorithms. Each one of the members of our groups has a minimum of 18 years experience in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Reputation Management (RM) backgrounds.

Our group is made up of over 12 different specialist in there fields all lending expert input to bring top notch service to our clients. Each of  these group members help us provide cutting edge techniques to help us assist in the rearrangement of properties in search results.

If you are looking for a sales pitch, you are at the wrong place.
We are a group of techies and none of us are into sales. You either want our service or you don’t!


How It Works

We do everything by the book! (Googles book)! We only use methods of back linking and url creation that is approved by Google. Our link creation platforms are based mostly on using Google properties, because “Google loves Google” and thus Google rewards those whom use the tools Google provides.

We focus on moving existing properties up and down in the search results (SEO).  In addition we may create more specific keyword properties that may also be ranked in the process.

We also use multiple software platforms with an invested dollar amount of over 25K USD combined.

Below you will find a diagram of just one of our methods that we have used to rearrange property listings in the search engines. We have blurred certain properties that we will in no way share with our competitors.




We have found that most (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and (RM) Reputation Managements Agencies charge large down payments and large monthly payments that most small and mid size businesses simply can not afford.

So we took a simple and affordable approach. We now offer “by the minute service”.

  • Based on $2 per minute.
  • Two hour minimum per month.
  • We will work according to your budget.
  • You will receive an invoice from PayPal to start services.
  • By paying the first invoice with your agreed upon budget, we can start your campaign.
  • If at anytime you do not need our services, please send email to stop monthly billing.



  • First initial call is free at no charge.
  • Second call is also free, no charge.
  • Any call there after is billed in addition at the rate of $2 per minute and will be added to your next monthly invoice.
  • We prefer communication by Skype. (free)
  • We prefer communication by email. (free)
  • We do this so that we may allocate our time to providing a great service and not spend all our time on the phone.


Case Studies

  • We have several case studies for proof of our services.
  • The results will vary from different parts of the country and will also vary according to servers used by the search engine.
  • We ask that when you do a Google search of the keywords for these case studies, that you do not click on the actual Ripoff Report page or Yelp page itself!
  • When searching the case study, please just view where the Ripoff Report or Yelp Review is located in the search.
  • The reason is, every time a Ripoff Report or Yelp Review is “clicked on”, it is viewed as a “vote” in Google’s search engine algorithms.
  • It also sends a signal to Google’s algorithms that the site that is clicked on is relevant content and should be moved forward to the top ranks of the search.
  • This is why Ripoff Reports and Yelp Reviews rank so well at the top of the search results is because of the “clicks” or “views”. It’s human nature!
  • We would ask that you do not share or click on your own Ripoff Report or Yelp Review, as we work diligently to move these listings to obscurity.
  • And remember, you do not want this happening to your Ripoff Report.


Ready to get started?

  • First step to get started is to fill out the “Google form”.
  • We require that all fields be filled out on this form.
  • We use the form information to pre review your search results.
  • Your information is held private and is not shared with any other 3rd party.
  • No work can be started until this from is filled out.
  • By filling out this form you will receive our case study proof.
  • Please click here to fill out form.


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